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Usine update Version 1.1

img New Usine Hollyhock pro version 1.1

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New Add-On

img Multoblon
A multi effects, made of a filter and a delay, using the physics engine


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Manuals as PDF

Usine Hollyhock Manuel d'utilisateur v1.0(fr).pdf

Usine Hollyhock Patching tutorial v0.2(en).pdf

Usine Hollyhock Tutoriel de Patching v0.2(fr).pdf

Usine Hollyhock User's manual v1.0(en).pdf

Usine Hollyhock MacOSX (Platinum members)

Usine Hollyhock Pro MacOSX upd11 1.1.009g.zip

Usine Hollyhock Windows (Platinum members)

Usine Hollyhock Pro Win32 upd11 1.1.009g.zip

Usine Hollyhock Pro Win64 upd11 1.1.009g.zip

Free downloads

Usine Hollyhock Free MacOSX upd11 1.1.009g.zip

Usine Hollyhock Free Win32 upd11 1.1.009g.zip

Usine Stage Win 32 v5.80 020b.zip


See Installation instructions.

Usine Hollyhock SDK

See SDK presentation page.

Usine Hollyhock SDK 01.02.011.zip

Old Versions

Usine 5 Stage (Silver members)

Usine Stage StandAlone 5.80 020b.zip

Usine Stage VST-i 5.80 020b.dll

Usine Stage VST 5.80 020b.dll

Easine 5 (Gold members)

Easine StandAlone 5.80 020b.zip

Easine VST-i 5.80 020b.dll

Easine VST 5.80 020b.dll

Usine 5 Pro (Gold members)

Usine Pro StandAlone 5.80 020b.zip

Usine Pro VST-i 5.80 020b.dll

Usine Pro VST 5.80 020b.dll

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The price includes one year of free updates and Usine 5 Pro.
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  • Usine Hollyhock

    › For MacOSX & Windows
    › Simple & powerful interface
    › A new Grid concept
    › VST & Audio-Units support
    › Surround, 64 channels
    › Native multi-touch
    › Highly muti-core optimized
    › Integrated physical engine
    › Fully customizable interface
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